Marketing Your Home

If you are selling a home today, your in luck because you have the professionals at REAL ESTATE PRO'S to get the job done for you. Of course there are some things you'll want to do to be sure you get the price you want. The first thing is to determine what price you want and what price you will list it for. Here's where our Realtors can be invaluable to you. They have access to the local MLS system that has all the data on comparable homes in your neighborhood and can help you to set the price.

Get the Word Out
You can't sell your home until buyers know it is available. Our Realtors will help you by listing your home in the Knox County computerized MLS system, putting up signs, designing flyers for your yard info box and connecting you with qualified buyers. In addition we will run ads in the local paper & the Knox County Homes Magazine, Advertise on our web site, featuring your home with a virtual tour, Realtor .com and any other media we feel your property should be advertised in to attract the perfect buyer for your home.

Get Set To List
Today a home that stands out from similarly priced homes is the home that sells. Why? Because it makes a good first impression that lasts right to the closing. You may not be able to increase the market value of your home with major improvements, but you can help its marketability. Usually this can be done with more elbow grease than cash. The key is to put yourself in the buyer's shoes. Practice making your home as appealing and uncluttered as the home you wish to buy.

Now On With the Show
Try never to refuse an appointment to show your home. Remember, selling a home only takes one buyer and this might be your buyer. It may seem inconvenient to have people viewing your home right when you want to wash the dog or just sit around with your friends & family, but it is necessary. Remind yourself that soon this will not be your home and you are moving on. You job now is to make your home available to as many potential buyers as possible. Our job is to bring you qualified interested buyers, to show them you home and point out to them all the unique features that you have enjoyed while living in the home.

Get It in Writing
All offers, counter offers and contracts have to be in writing. Verbal agreements are not legally binding. Once a buyer makes an offer for you home, you can either accept it or make a counter offer. Your counter offer indicates that you are willing to negotiate, but that your terms haven't been met by their first offer. The process of offers and counter offers may go back and forth a few times until you and the buyer agree on the terms.

While you are negotiating you can still accept offers from other buyers. You have no legal obligation to anyone until you agree in writing to their offer. When you are considering any offer we will prepare a net sheet for you showing you all the costs involved in the sale of you home. Then if this offer meets your expectations, you are ready to sign the offer and proceed toward closing. Remember there are some contingencies typically in most contracts, these include issues like the buyer not being able to get financing, or the home failing inspections. These contingencies protect both the seller and the buyer.

The Closing Day
Your buyers have their mortgage financing approve, the appraisal is complete, the home has been inspected, all contingencies have been met and we have worked out all the details. Now all you have to do is read everything carefully and sign on the doted line. At the closing you are actually transferring ownership of your home to the new buyer. Now you are done with selling your current home. If you've been looking for a new home at the same time, you'll want to have your closings close together so that the buyers can take possession and you can move to your new home as soon as possible.

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